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Yvette Spears Dazzles in Blackberry Daze


“To have both Roz White and Yvette Spears on the boards together again is a treat not to be missed. In the gospel numbers, White’s powerful vocals crescendo in capturing the soul of the music. Meanwhile, Spears as sensuous lounge singer Pearl is as luscious as ever, belting out contralto tones with her unique resonance and rich timbre…The songs have a modern jazzy swing and the jaunty choreography sway sexy hip rolls, to cake-walk, to arms reaching to glory…excellent artistry at work.”

- Debbie Minter Jackson, DCTheatreScene

Blackberry Daze

The intimate setting made the unfolding of the drama surreal. The scenes encouraged imagination. I would love to see it again because I'm sure I'll find other perspectives. Yvette Spears is a delight! Her range & soul are captivating. TC Carson's larger than life voice & character are perfect against Yvette's sultry soul. * GoldStar

The Pine Grill Reunion began with thanks to “the strong people who came out here tonight despite what it looked like.” For a while, with dark clouds hovering, it didn’t look good.

But the rain held off and the sky brightened. The concert began great guns with an appearance by Saltman Knowles, a combo from out west.

Saltman Knowles – named for bassist Mark Saltman and pianist William Knowles – featured an unusual vocalist, Yvette Spears. Spears was an arresting performer. You could not remember seeing anyone like her. She had a ladylike appearance and a rich contralto voice with a full vibrato. She began with the kind of song you don’t hear every day, “September in the Rain.”

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Ain't `Misbehavin' Captures Harlem Renaissance Spirit


The joint was jumpin' -- Cotton Club style. The diversity in swing music was demonstrated during Yvette Spears' performance of "When the Nylons Bloom Again," in which she sounded eerily like opera diva Jessye Norman,. . . 

Tina-Renee Johnson

Community News, Washington, DC

As an artist continues to stroke her canvas, her goal and struggle are one in the same, to channel her vision into descriptive strokes that define her inspiration. She searches her soul, her spirituality and emotions to give life. Life, she struggles to understand, nonetheless wants to share so her world can be free beyond the boundaries of a society misguided and confused. 

Holding the golden brush is Yvette Spears, in front of her canvas with a vision of success like no other. Strikingly beautiful, she embodies a diva like flair as she moves into a crowd so naturally to meet and greet what seemed be men who've been locked away for years in solitary confinement. This Creole bijoux makes no apologies for her grace and natural captivating smile, in fact, it's available for a simple hello or a lucky eye contact. Notice the strong hand shake and solid eye contact as she introduces herself, which creates an immediate struggle for her attention among many conversation starved bar philosophers. 

As I sat at the corner of a bar on a very cold evening when mother nature seemed to draw the curtains limiting our habitual view of her magically lit universe, one rebellious star refuses to remain hidden. It doesn't take long to find out Yvette is a Jazz vocalist, one who's performed at many of DC's famed venues: Blues Alley Jazz Super Club, Takoma Station Tavern, One Step Down, Kennedy Center Grand Foyer Series. Born and raised in the Tradition of New Orleans, Yvette Spears has no choice except to be a ³keeper of the flame.² Yvette's love for jazz and her talents as a ³Jazz Stylist² is simply rooted in her upbringing. Honoring those who came before her... Mahalia Jackson, Billie Holiday, Josephine Baker, Abbey Lincoln, Sarah Vaughn, ³Little² Jimmy Scott. 

This Creole diva commands your attention, yet as she speaks she challenges you to see her as woman of vision with nothing less than success in her scope. For now Yvette invites you to come devour her menu entitled "La Boutique de Jazz" ...

 This Creole bijoux promises to be the rare gem that you feel so proud to know you have discovered.

DJ Jean-Michel

DJ Jean Michel

Echo d'Haiti

             – “…she imbues a broad range of material with abundant power, charm and emotion.  From the outset, it was clear that Spears has a voice strong and supple enough to truly warrant a booking at one of the nation’s best known jazz venues.”

--Mike Joyce

The Washington Post

- Mike Joyce

Ladies Swings the Blues  at Metro Stage in Arlington, VA 

Each performer is an exceptional artist in his own right, together in synch interpreting the lives of the great jazz legends, the Jones/Knowles combo is irresistible.    

Five remarkable performers make up the dream cast, each one hitting an individual groove while fitting into the well-tuned ensemble.  The script relays the stories of early jazz artists by way of Birdland, a reference to the NYC  jazz club where legends joined Charlie Parker headlining the most happening joint in town in the 1950’s.

In Ladies Swing, the characters are identified as refracted aspects of actual performers– ...Yvette Spears uses her sonorous warbling gifts as Sarah Vaughan,

Debbie Minter-Jackson

DC Theatre Scene

All Night Strutt at Metro Stage

"Yvette Spears has the finest range heard since Sarah Vaughn and her lower range is totally deliciously "smoky". 

- Bob Anthony, critic

Washington Theatre

All Night Strutt at Metro Stage Theatre in Arlington, VA...Spears, whose thick, throaty sound pours over her notes like rich gravy, joins the effervescent Williams late in the second act for a steamy duet of "I Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl, " and the two ladies deliver a seductive hotbed of notes that bring Hubbard and Jovan to their knees.


Washington, DC

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