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“Voices from the Jazz Boutique” is how she has themed her performances – offering a majestic flare of music covering all facets of time, category, and movements of jazz at its core.


Yvette is at her best when involved in a gambit of projects that includes singing, performing, and showcasing her personality both on-stage and “on-air”.


While living in both New Orleans and Washington, DC, Yvette has had the opportunity to share the stage with many of today’s great jazz musicians.  She enjoys rousing the audience with the movement and motion of jazz, as well as charming you with its lyrics.  In some descriptions she considers herself a “Jazz Entertainer” and most intimately a “torch singer”.  It’s the emotion and the intensity of the interpretation that she gets caught into.  When singing the songs that are embedded in her experience, the song becomes hers, she’s at one with the song, and a dramatic overture is the outcome.  Yvette’s repertoire consists of an impressive range of jazz, blues, and gospel.

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